Eviction locksmith service

Eviction locksmith service

Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angeles

When eviction is the question at hand, some tenant situations can require a locksmiths services. Evicted tenants are often angry and vindictive, they are losing a place to live so they are naturally very displeased. It always best for the land owner or building manager to hire a good eviction locksmith service to change the locks to be sure that the previous tenant will not have access. Even in the case that the vacancy is filled almost immediately, the previous tenant that is not the best spirited after eviction still has a key to the property, you should take caution that the previous tenant does not come back to attempt criminal action. Save yourself the stress and don’t leave them the option to do so.

In situations where the tenant is still living within the property, but is not complying with your demands or being respectful, an eviction locksmith service can change the locks so that the tenant cannot regain entry to the property. This option should only be used in extreme circumstances however, and laws must be carefully followed in this situation, and the laws vary widely from state to state. Although it may be tempting to change the locks on a tenant that has displeased you, don’t do something that will end up costing you more money in the long run in legal fees if the law is on their side.

If, however, you determine that an eviction locksmith service is your best option, then give us a call. We guarantee your property will be safe and sound from unwanted entry.

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Electronic Access Los Angeles

Electronic AccessElectronic Access Los Angeles provides electronic access control (EAC) services for the residents and business owners in the greater area of Los Angeles as well as cities like Camarillo, Van Nuys, West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and many more. We have been in the business of installing top quality Electronic Access control systems for apartment buildings, condos, private homes, schools, offices, industrial complexes and many other facilities that desire the expert services of our locksmiths and Electronic Access control system specialist in Los Angeles.

Electronic Access Control systems are advanced security systems that allows you grant or deny to physical surroundings or confidential and integral computerized information systems. Electronic Access Control (EAC) is generally used as a “back-up” or secondary security system by many facility managers, government agencies and business owners in Los Angeles. At Electronic Access Los Angeles, our EAC security systems will enable you to keep tabs on all the activities going on within your environment and also allow you to record any actions that takes place from outside or from within your establishment. By making use of a single primary Electronic Access Control (EAC) mainframe you can have total control access to every office or room within your facility remotely through a single interface; thereby saving you hundreds of man-hours and thousands of dollars expenses.

At Electronic Access Los Angeles, our certified, legally bond and well trained EAC installation experts are the best in all aspect of EAC security system installation, upgrade and maintenance. Combining our years of firsthand experience and the most advanced EAC installation equipments in the industry, we can ultimately guarantee you maximum satisfaction for your EAC security system installation service. Call us today on (424) 251-9622 if require an EAC installation or upgrade services in Los Angeles.

Here at Electronic Access Los Angeles, we strongly believe in offering our numerous clients the best EAC services money can buy. Our rates are low priced, highly affordable and consider among the most competitive prices available in the industry. We are more than aware that our client deserve quality and budget friendly prices, which is why we our charges are always open to negotiation. From installation of your EAC security systems to its routine maintenance and upgrade, our reliable and trustworthy Electronic Access Control specialist in Los Angeles will be more than happy to provide you with any service you desire.

Asides from being able to keep tabs on ongoing activities in your establishment, other benefits of using our EAC security systems includes being able to keep track of employee punch-in and punch out times, productivity levels, break durations and absenteeism. In addition, our advanced EAC systems at Electronic Access Los Angeles will help you save hundreds of dollars in maintenance since you don’t have to bother about changing the locks to your offices each time an employee leaves your establishment. Call Electronic Access Los Angeles today on (424) 251-9622 to request a free estimate or for any of our skilled EAC installation specialist in Los Angeles. We are never far from you!


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Double Sided Keys

If you’re going home one day and realized you’re being followed, you’re worried and want to get into your home, you don’t want to be fiddling around with your key to get it in the door. You want to get into your property as quickly as possible. Or let’s say it’s very dark at nighttime, you can’t see the lock or your key clearly, so it takes you much longer to get inside your home, this is not only frusturating, but in times of danger this extra time can be vital to your safety.


Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angele

This is a common situation, whether someone if following you, you are nervous to open the door so you take much longer. For this, locksmiths have created double sided keys, so both sides of your key fit the lock.

Most people have a double sided key. Take a look at your car key for example. Think back to when you open the door of your cars last – assuming that you did not use the central locking system. You wouldn’t have had to fiddle around with the key making sure that it was the right way up, because both sides would have worked.

Four Sided Keys?

If you want the sides of your keys to add security to your home or business, try a four sided key. It means that all four sides need to be a perfect fit for the lock in order for it to open. With four sides to one key it makes the duplication process and lock picking process much harder. This provides another level of security to your home or business, keeping your possessions safer from thieves.



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Double Locks On Your Doors – Necessary?

You might be wondering, is it necessary to have two locks on your doors? A deadbolt along with your standard handle lock, is it really needed?

Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angeles

The answer to this is somewhat dependent on what your security needs are. Some people will require major security, and hence a dead bolt may be a good option. If you feel you are in a situation where the deadbolt and extra security is needed then you should give us a call to install one. For those who are generally home during the day, a second lock may not be necessary, but improving your home or business security can only be a good thing.

More and more people are finding that new homes being built are coming standard with deadlocks and secondary locks on all the doors. As times change, so does the technology. Thieves that pick locks and steal for a living have a great understanding of normal locks, if you feel you are in a situation where you might encounter these people, get a double lock on your door just to be safe, it can only help your security.




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Common Security Features to Keep In Mind for Your Home

Thefts and burglaries are becoming a common happening in a lot of areas nowadays. There is however a certain steps that can be taken to ensure that one’s house are not looted:
  • Make sure that all the locks are in place and the alarm system is turned on. IT is important to make sure that the doors and the windows are locked.
  • Windows that come with interlocking mechanism should be aligned in an efficient manner.
  • The practice of keeping a spare key in some location outside the main door should be dissuaded.
  • The entry doors of the house should be made of sturdy material and should be reinforced if necessary with metal or by solid wood.
Many people do not take the above points seriously. They think that installing hi-tech gadgets will alone solve their problem. However, taking other such measures is equally important.
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Choosing a Door for Your Home

There are fewer overlooked or underappreciated elements of your home’s design than the doors. We take doors for granted — slamming them, banging them, providing little or no maintenance for them, while expecting them to keep us safe from intruders. But there are common elements of door security and design that can make for a safer living environment while maintaining a pleasant living atmosphere.


It most cases, keeping the amount of glass in your door to a minimum will increase a home’s security. Not only will this keep intruders from seeing inside a home, but it makes it harder from them to break in. However, even in cases of doors without glass panels, if the lock is faulty or is just a regular door lock (not a deadbolt), it can reduce the effectiveness of your door. Doors with a deadbolt can offer additional security by adding time and noise to an intruder’s invasion, something most criminals look to avoid. However, in cases of break-ins where doors have been kicked in, often the doorframe itself fails. So unless you are sure your frame is steadfast, going overboard on buying heavy-duty locks won’t make a home safer until the door is properly secured.


Many people don’t want to shutter themselves inside a home without allowing some sunlight to enter through their doors. With many glass-paneled doors though, all an intruder must do is shatter the glass, reach inside and unlock the door, a process that can take only seconds. To avoid this, consider doors that use glass sparingly, or not at all, or if building codes allow, that use a deadbolt that locks with a key on both sides of the door. Doors that have glass panels positioned at their top, away from the locking system, can provide a happy medium between security and design.

As a final note, another overlooked area of a door is the mail slot. This feature can allow an intruder to insert his hand through the door, and thereby unlock or open the door. Again, a door with a lock that requires a key on both sides, a chain lock, or a lock positioned away from the mail slot, can reduce the chance of this type of break-in.

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Calling a locksmith in Los Angeles

One of the most common mistakes a person can make is locking him or herself out of their car, office, or home. No matter how many times a person tries to remember not to do this, it is bound to happen at least once in his or her lifetime. Thankfully, if this happens to you, you can indeed call a locksmith to help you get back into your car or home. However, what many people do not realize is that this process may take some time. After all, a locksmith may not be nearby. If you are calling a Los Angeles locksmith, you can expect to wait a great deal of time.

Think about it: if you lock yourself out of your car or home or need a locksmith in Los Angeles, you have to consider the fact that such a professional will need the time to gather their supplies and come to your location. However, Los Angelesis a large area. Thus, the sheer distance a person may need to drive could be quite long. If you need a locksmith during rush hour, then you might as well make yourself cozy. Trying to get through Los Angeles rush hour traffic not only in a hurry but without an accident is next to impossible. There are tons of cars on the roads and accidents and congestion make driving anywhere from a block to miles a long, difficult process. There are just too many drivers, too many accidents, and too many reckless driving actions to make getting anywhere in Los Angeles easy.

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Benefits of Solid Locks

Many business owners spend thousands of dollars on camera and motion sensor security systems that don’t physical protect their property at all, they just monitor movement.

Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angeles

While money spent on camera systems and alarms are effective in alerting the police or security that someone has breached, they do nothing to secure your actual building. In buying a security system the point is to protect your business or home. A camera is not going to stop someone from breaking into your property, a camera is going to watch that person break into your property. The purpose of a security system should be to secure your property, not just help the police catch the criminal after the damage is done.

Instead take an approach to prevent criminals and others from getting into your business to best protect yourself. The difference in cost between a highly effective lock and a cheap one may seem great, but the advantages that a higher quality one give you are difficult to quantify. A solid good quality lock can prevent the adversity and stop thieves from having the chance to harm or steal your property, this is the ideal situation. This is not to say that having alarm systems in place is not a good idea. In fact it is quite beneficial to have these monitoring systems in place, but only if you have the proper security throughout the building to support them. With secure locks and doors and a very good alarm system that includes video monitoring you can turn your business into a virtual fortress. These systems work together to provide you with the best protection, but a camera and motion sensor system without equal or better physical lock protection, defeats the purpose all together. Before investing in an extensive camera/motion sensor systems, get your locks right first.

To get the best results out of your security system, consult a professional security advisor to set up a system tailored to your specific facility. While you can find a lot of security equipment on your own. Talking with a professional will make sure that the system you purchase will work well with your specific situation. A full combination of hardware, electronics, and security consulting is the best mixture to keep you and your property safe.


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A professional locksmith wanted!

An uncomfortable and disturbing situation can arise when you have lost your briefcase which contains in it your house keys, personal documents and artifacts. It might even be difficult to fall asleep knowing that these precious possessions are being held in some stranger’s hands.
Moreover, the house key got stuck in the key hole and the key of the safe deposit box with grandma’s jewelry is missing.
Now that you have defined which professional handyman you need to call, the question of which specific locksmith do you order to your home arises? Many locksmiths can be found online through internet websites as well as in the yellow pages. Therefore since there is a large Varity of locksmiths to choose from, how do you know that you are receiving the best man for the work?
Emergency tips:
Most emergency calls that the locksmith receives, is from people that got locked out of their home (even in the middle of the night!). for a certified locksmith picking the lock should not be a major job, therefore any reliable local locksmith you take should be able to handle the work.
Where as in a situation that the key broke in the key hole, and there might be light damage to the door, make sure the locksmith you intend to hire is savvy with the locksmith work and that he is a professional locksmith equipped to dealing with emergency situations 24 hours a day.
Several tips which will help you select the correct locksmith:
1. Ask the local locksmith to present to you documentation that can help prove that he is indeed a certified locksmith.
2. Because the locksmith is going to break into your home, observe that the locksmith asks you to show him your identity as the owner of the alleged house.
3. The local locksmith works 24 hours a day, which can indicate that he is a professional locksmith ready at all times for emergency calls.
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A Few Famous Locksmiths

Every industry has its heroes throughout time, and locksmithing has its fair share as well. In this article, we will take a look at some of the most famous locksmiths of all time – followed by the reasons for which this fame is noted.

We begin with Robert Barron – a locksmith who patented the double acting tumble locker. This was done in 1778, and was one of the first major improvements in lock security since the first example of the pin lock was noted. It’s completely revolutionised the way that the industry would develop, and Mr Barron can take some credit for the current state of the locksmith industry.

Changeable Lock.

It was James Sargent who was responsible for creating the first lock which was able to be customised as needed to create a new keys and codes to let people in.

In other words, these locks were programmable to the users desires, and were therefore able to accommodate a change in key without having to purchase a whole new locking device. Amazingly, this change came about in 1857, and by 1873, the United States government was readily using these types of devices in their buildings.

Another invention made by this person was the time lock mechanism, by which a safe – namely a bank vault – would unlock only at specific times during the day. This was a major step forward in that design for high-tech and sophisticated locking mechanisms.

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