Double Locks On Your Doors – Necessary?

You might be wondering, is it necessary to have two locks on your doors? A deadbolt along with your standard handle lock, is it really needed?

Locksmith West Los Angeles
Locksmith West Los Angeles

The answer to this is somewhat dependent on what your security needs are. Some people will require major security, and hence a dead bolt may be a good option. If you feel you are in a situation where the deadbolt and extra security is needed then you should give us a call to install one. For those who are generally home during the day, a second lock may not be necessary, but improving your home or business security can only be a good thing.

More and more people are finding that new homes being built are coming standard with deadlocks and secondary locks on all the doors. As times change, so does the technology. Thieves that pick locks and steal for a living have a great understanding of normal locks, if you feel you are in a situation where you might encounter these people, get a double lock on your door just to be safe, it can only help your security.




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