How to Secure Sliding Glass Doors

Sliding glass doors are a great way to add light to a home. To thieves and intruders, they’re known as an easy point of entry. This is because the locks are generally weaker and can be forced open with a little effort. If the door is single pane glass, it can be broken easily. Some can even be lifted off the tracks. There are a few simple ways to secure the doors, increasing security and peace of mind.

Most sliding glass doors are made with weak or brittle latches, which can be broken when forced. One option is to have a new lock installed in the bottom track to prevent forced entry. You may have an additional hole drilled into the moving door to keep it locked in an open position, allowing for fresh air while staying secure.

If you’re not interested in changing your locks, security bars are another option. They fit into the exposed door track and prevent it from being opened. Depending on the material and quality of the bars, they may be able to withstand great amounts of force. Security bars are available with or without a locking device.

The glass used in your doors may also be a point of weakness. Double pane or wire-embedded glass is stronger than the more common single pane doors. If your biggest concern is the glass, your best bet would be to purchase new doors that already have stronger glass. This may actually be a cheaper option than replacing the glass alone.

Intruders sometimes lift sliding doors off their tracks. To prevent this, you should maintain your doors by cleaning rollers and tightening screws. Self-tapping screws should be installed in the top track. These screws will allow movement but prevent the doors from being removed.

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How to act in an emergency lockout situation?

It’s happened to all of us. You’ve had something else on your mind while you’re shopping, visiting restaurants, going to the movies or playground. You come back to your car, reach for your keys and — they’re not there. Did you drop them or leave them behind some place? Did someone take them? How are you going to get into your car — or back into your house?
Most of us know the feeling of panic that rises up immediately when keys are misplaced or lost. It can be especially unnerving at night, and in bad weather. If you have children with you, a lockout situation can become nightmarish with fear not only for your own safety, but theirs.
The first thing to keep in mind is to fight down that panic sensation. Take a few deep breaths and relax. Remain calm and be patient with yourself and those around you — don’t give way to anger or blame. Just find the keys. Check every pocket, purse and shopping bag. If family members or friends are with you, make sure they do the same — including small children. Go through strollers, carriers, supply bags, slings. You’d be surprised at some of the bizarre places you might have put those keys! Go back in your mind to where you last had the keys and try to retrace your actions. Did you visit the rest room anywhere? Could they have fallen out of your pocket or purse? If you have a cell phone with you, call the places you visited and see if the keys have been turned in.
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Why is it essential to have a certified locksmith?

Situations such as the following most probably has happened to many people: when you arrive home after a long day at work, you reach your hand into your bag to take out your house key… and then you remember that in the morning before you left you forgot to take your keys with you, and now you are locked out of the house. Breaking into the house is out of the question, so what is left to do is call your local locksmith to save the day.
The work of a locksmith is to break into homes, safe deposit boxes, duplicate keys, advice a potential customer about new technology for protecting homes and repair locks on the doors. Therefore it is imperative to keep in mind that the locksmith profession has a delicate aspect. When we are in need of his services we should be sure that we know who we are allowing to perform these actions in our home. The local locksmith will gain access to our private possessions, and to our property.
Therefore, it is very important to locate from all the local locksmiths, a locksmith that can be trusted, as well as the fact that he has a certification that can prove that he indeed he is permitted to work as a locksmith.
In a time of emergency what should you do?
Research and evaluate between several different local locksmiths. See which of the locksmiths include in their price emergency calls (such as middle of the night services). In addition compare between them which offers the best price around.
A low price will not always indicate that you have found a good bargain, since many locksmiths that work 24 hours a day around the clock and offer emergency services range at similar prices. Therefore, a lower price may indicate a poorer quality of work. When the locksmith that you have finally chosen arrives at your home, make sure not to forget to ask him to present his certification.
24 hours, seven days a week
When you are have difficulty locating and choosing a local locksmith, do not despair because there are a lot of locksmiths in your region and most of them work 24 hours a day, at your connivance. So if you have got locked out at 5 am, there will be quite a few locksmiths at your finger tips.
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Locksmith West Los Angeles / Locksmith West Los Angeles

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24/7 Emergency Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angeles 24/7

For residential, automotive and commercial locksmith solutions, the customers of Locksmith West Los Angeles are knowledgeable that we are leading 24-hour locksmith in the area. You can bet that any service you need that involves locks, keys and security, we will be able to offer you service 24-hours a day, 7-days a week and 365-days a year.

We pride ourselves that each and every one of our locksmith technicians is qualified, fully-licensed and insured locksmith professionals.  Locksmith West Los Angeles service will handle every single service call properly with rapid response times, and all for a great price.  Every one of our locksmith technicians are fully committed to supplying complete locksmith excellence by using the most revolutionary key cutting and programming services that are readily available within the field.

Experience and skill is always important to saving customers a great deal of money on any lock and key service, and with our years of experience and practical knowledge in the locksmith industry, you will be capable of saving your time and money.  With that in mind, let our expert locksmith technicians establish the most effective services that to will suit your unique security needs.

When you find the need for our locksmith service, we will certainly be there even for any emergency locksmith services.  Even if you were locked out of your automobile or residence during some crazy time during the night, we will be able to instantly assist you.  We will make an uncomfortable situation as stress-free as attainable!

Locksmith West Los Angeles Residential Services

Your home safety is always just as important to us as it is you.  Our seasoned West Los Angeles residential locksmith technicians will end up giving you the comfort when taking care of your home’s security.  A number of the prevalent residential locksmith services include things like; 24-hour emergency service, keys made, lock re-keys, high security locks, lock repairs, handle lock-outs, lock changes,  access control systems, electronic locks installed and maintained, key control systems and much more!  Nearly anything having to do with residential locksmiths, we can serve your needs!

Locksmith West Los Angeles Automotive Services

Our locksmith technicians are authorities in the industry when it pertains to all makes and models of automobiles.  So, your entire vehicle needs can be made simple and easy with our expert West Los Angeles automotive locksmith technicians.  Regardless what kind of locksmith services you may need with your auto, our knowledgeable and proficient locksmith technicians will be able to help you from emergency lock outs, transponder keys made, key duplication, computer chip key reprogramming, car door unlocking, ignitions repaired or replaced, electronic locks installed or repaired, locks changed, locks replacement, key extractions, locks repaired, trunks unlocked or opened and a great deal more!