Double Sided Keys

If you’re going home one day and realized you’re being followed, you’re worried and want to get into your home, you don’t want to be fiddling around with your key to get it in the door. You want to get into your property as quickly as possible. Or let’s say it’s very dark at nighttime, you can’t see the lock or your key clearly, so it takes you much longer to get inside your home, this is not only frusturating, but in times of danger this extra time can be vital to your safety.


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This is a common situation, whether someone if following you, you are nervous to open the door so you take much longer. For this, locksmiths have created double sided keys, so both sides of your key fit the lock.

Most people have a double sided key. Take a look at your car key for example. Think back to when you open the door of your cars last – assuming that you did not use the central locking system. You wouldn’t have had to fiddle around with the key making sure that it was the right way up, because both sides would have worked.

Four Sided Keys?

If you want the sides of your keys to add security to your home or business, try a four sided key. It means that all four sides need to be a perfect fit for the lock in order for it to open. With four sides to one key it makes the duplication process and lock picking process much harder. This provides another level of security to your home or business, keeping your possessions safer from thieves.



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