The History Of The Lock:

The first lock ever recorded was about four millennia ago. Naturally everyone needs the security, the idea was patented and went into production for the public.Locks were in place from then on.

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Locksmith West Los Angeles

It would appear that property rights and locks go hand in hand. Somebody who owns something feels that they have the right to keep that to themselves. The Lock provided a unique and new way of keeping people out that hadn’t been in existence before, it adapted quickly. Locks back in these days were not the same as they are today. They were made out of wood, and would be absolutely useless in today’s modern world.

However, given the times, the devices were actually quite useful – and fulfilled their purpose the majority of the time. Along with the advent of locks came with the advent of lock pickers. These were certain individuals with the skills to breach the locks without their proper secondary devices, to reach what the lock was intended to protect. Lock pickers soon became the bane of society, as they were able to defeat the purpose of locking things up and keeping them safe. This is still the case today, but on a more sophisticated level.


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Is an Alarm System Enough?

When it comes to your personal property and the safety of your family, you spare no expense. Of course you will want to add an alarm system to your home, but is that enough? You may be surprised at the answer.

Many police departments report that a large majority of home alarm calls are nothing more than false alarms, which has led to home alarm calls to become a lower priority in most neighborhoods. In 2001, the Seattle police department estimated that it answered nearly 80 false alarms during the course of a day due to malfunction, user error or misuse. In some larger cities there are reports of the average response time from the police department being 30 minutes or more for unverified alarm calls. A lot of things can happen in 30 minutes, things that can be avoided.

A well secured home with sturdy locks and other devices can mean all the difference when it comes to someone breaking into your home. The typical burglar is not looking for a challenge, that is the stuff of movies and romantic fiction. A burglar is a criminal looking for an easy in and out. Often times, if the first couple attempts to enter the house are unsuccessful, the burglar will leave. The more time he stands outside your home trying to gain access, the more likely he is to attract unwanted attention. Simply put, the longer you can keep them outside, the less likely they are going to make it inside.

What if someone is home at the time of the attempted break in? A strong door or window with the proper locks can give you important time to react. The time it takes an intruder to get into a well secured home can give you the time you need to call law enforcement.

An alarm system can be a useful and important part of the security of every home, but why stop there? Would you not use a seatbelt just because you have an airbag? The alarm system should be your last line of defense. Nothing can substitute for properly securing all the doors and windows of your house. Be sure to buy and properly install high security locks on all entry points of your house to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.

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What to Expect From a Locksmith

The services a locksmith offers will vary depending on the individual locksmith you hire. However, you can generally expect a locksmith to give you expert advice and excellent services provided you have hired a qualified locksmith. Consider some of the basic services offered by a typical locksmith.

Auto locksmiths specialize in providing you’re with emergency locksmith services when you lock your keys in your car. However, they can also help when you lose your keys or break a key in your ignition. These locksmiths have the tools necessary to help with any car lock related problems. These locksmiths can also provide you with key replacements for your vehicle ignition or doors.

Then there are emergency locksmiths who provide the same type of services as an auto locksmith, but can also assist with home and business needs. If you are locked out of your homes then these individuals have the tools necessary to help you gain access to your home. These locksmiths also offer the service of repairing broken locks. As an emergency locksmith, they can be called upon for fast service and immediate response whenever you need them.

Lastly, there are residential and commercial locksmiths. These individuals are focused on installing residential and commercial locks. These locksmiths have the knowledge of the best available locks and can help you find the most suitable lock for your home or business needs. They also offer installation, repair, change and upgrade services to meet any of your residential or commercial lock needs.  These are the locksmiths that most individuals call when they need assistance during regular business hours.

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Panic Bars: What They Are, Where They’re Used, and Who Installs Them

A panic bar (sometimes called a crash bar or a push bar) is a door locking device consisting of a spring-loaded metal bar fixed horizontally on the inside of an exit door roughly 40 inches up from the bottom of the door. When the panic bar is pushed, the latch releases and the door opens outward. This mechanism allows for a door to be opened quickly and easily when a panicked crowd presses against it in an emergency situation. Without a panic bar, a crowd may find it impossible to escape because the door would be too difficult to open inward. To serve its purpose effectively, this device must always open away from the side of the door on which the panic bar is mounted.

A panic bar can be used on single or double doors made of wood, steel, aluminum, or even glass. Typically, a door with a panic bar can only be opened from the inside, but when a panic bar is used on a two-way door, a different type of handle must be mounted on the outside.

Panic bars are required by law on all fire and emergency exits. The panic bar on a fire rated door must be able to withstand high temperatures and must latch every time the door closes. The panic bar on a non-fire rated door, on the other hand, may be temporarily unlocked by using a dog down key. When in this unlocked mode, the door can be opened by pulling or pushing on the door itself, not on the panic bar. Panic bars can also be found on chain link and decorative fence gates, particularly in large outdoor venues such as open air concert arenas and sports stadiums.

While a surface mount panic bar may be installed professionally, installation can also be completed by the ambitious do-it-yourselfer. Many different types of standard and deluxe panic bar kits with comprehensive installation instructions are available for purchase. These kits include all necessary mounting hardware, fasteners, adjustable receiving latches, and optional lock boxes for outside keyed or card accessed entry.

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What You Need to Know About Locksmith Services

If you find yourself locked out of your car and you have to call a twenty-four hour locksmith then you are getting firsthand experience with one of the man skills offered by locksmiths. If you have ever been late for an appointment because of a locksmith then you may have mixed feelings about the services they offer. While there is relief that you are able to get into your vehicle, you are also upset for placing yourself in a situation that required the help of a locksmith in the first place.

Historically, locksmiths were considered artists who make locks a work of art. Lock picking was also considered an art and occupation, but the public often didn’t have appreciation. Without the work of lock makers and lock pickers there would be little in the way of modern locksmith services and home security systems.

Today, a twenty-four hour locksmith service doesn’t make locks, but still offers lock picking, lock repair and lock cleaning services. Often a locksmith is called to install new locks. However, twenty-four hour locksmiths spend a lot of their time helping individuals during non-business hours that have lost their keys or locked them inside their vehicle or house. This is the best-known aspect of the locksmith services today.

The little known aspect of the twenty-four hour locksmith is their ability to clean and repair broken locks. Locksmiths can also check your security system or try to pick your locks to test your entrances. There is no shortage to the number of helpful services that a locksmith has to offer.

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One Locksmith is All You Need

A locksmith is a lot like a doctor. Once you have one, you don’t go looking for another. Not without a very good reason.

Your locksmith keeps records of their visits with you that are just as meticulous as any physician. They know how many copies of the key to your front door exist even if you don’t. All of your most prized possessions are in there. If you are using multiple locksmiths to make copies you may quickly lose track of how many keys you have had made. Should any of your possession suddenly go missing, knowing exactly how many keys to your front door exist important. It could be the difference between the police recovering your family heirlooms or merely an insurance settlement.

If you own a business, keeping track of your keys and ensuring all of your locks are in good working order is especially important. Access to your records and inventory is something you are very careful about. Having a single locksmith involved in this process helps to maintain a consistent and accurate assessment of the overall security of your business. Sometimes it is necessary to change the locks. Perhaps an employee lost their keys at a clients location and were not able to recover them. The reason is unimportant, getting the new locks installed quickly and the correct number of keys distributed is what is matters. Your locksmith will have records to make determining the exact number of keys necessary quick and easy. The good relationship you and your locksmith share may be more important. They will be more willing to work you into their schedule than someone who doesn’t know you.

When you think about it, you really do need a very good reason to trust your home or business to just any locksmith.

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What is the Difference Between Re-Keying a Lock and Changing a Lock?

There are times when you want to fix or change a lock on one or many doors of your house. You do not always have to change out the entire lock hardware. Sometimes, you just need to re-key the lock.

When your locksmith re-keys the lock, he will make new keys for that lock, and reset the lock mechanism to work with that key instead of any other key. This is what should be done when you purchase a new home, just for security sake, because you never know how many keys are out there in the world for those door locks. For peace of mind, have the locks re-keyed.

Another situation arises when you have an existing lock, but are not allowed to change the lock mechanism. You may have lost a key, or have worn out keys that you need replaced. Your locksmith will create new keys for you that will operate that same locking mechanism. This is how you can get extra keys made also.

Replacing the entire lock is necessary when a lock is damaged or when its condition is weak or poor. You will receive extra keys along with your new lock hardware. A new lock is a security feature. Purchase a better style lock to upgrade your security. If replacing more than one door lock, you may want the locksmith to key them so that they all work with the same key. That way you only have to deal with one key for all.

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Lock Bumping: Dangers and Prevention

Lock bumping, also known as key bumping, is a skill sweeping the crime world and wiping out even the slightest traces of home and family security. With this recent rise in break-in crime, many people are left wondering what lock bumping is, who it can happen to and what they can do to prevent it.

Lock bumping is simply the applying of pressure to a special “bump key” in order to cause the inner pins/tumblers of a conventional lock to jump out of place, allowing the key to be turned in a matter of seconds. The keys are very easy to come by, with videos and instructions available across the internet. Entire lock bumping sets are sold for very little with no restrictions for purchase. It is estimated that nine out of ten American homes can be susceptible to lock bumping without even realizing it. Many homeowners stop home protection at locks and monitored security systems. These two prevention techniques are not enough to stop the evolving spectrum of skillful theft.

The danger in lock bumping is that most homeowner’s insurance policies will not pay for theft damages and losses without proof of unauthorized entry. Lock bumping does not show any signs of forced intrusion and leaves little evidence. Not only do homeowners lose property, but they often do not receive adequate compensation for their losses.

Unfortunately, most locks made today are still vulnerable to key bumping and are not resistant to this new security threat. In order to be protected, a home owner should invest in a high security lock with a higher security level. This not only prevents lock bumping, but also can be helpful in keeping burglars from picking locks and making copies of keys without permission. Installing high security locks can provide exceptional home protection. Best of all, using them to prevent lock bumping is just as easy as the crime itself.

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Why people call a Locksmith?

When people want to feel safe from lurking dangers, there are many ways that may help them to feel safe. Some people might carry a licensed weapon; others might safe guard their house with bars on the windows and modern devices on their doors. Nonetheless, we can all agree that protecting our family and home is the most important thing in the world; therefore we will use only the best locks for our home.
After the house has been protected from the outside dangers, a problem arises when one has forgotten his key and gets locked out of his own home. Since he has chosen only the best locks for his house, breaking into it is not a possibility. For emergencies such as these what is left to do is call the local locksmith in your area who should be available 24 hours a day for your convenience.
At a time of emergency- call the locksmith!
Because there are several locksmiths in your local area, before ordering a particular man, research and compare the various prices between the different locksmith providers. The price of the work should range at a comparable scale. Thus, if there is a locksmith that is more expensive then another, go with the lower price. Even though your day was long and what you really want is just to crawl into bed at this very moment, take one extra minute, for finding your right locksmith for the job.
Expectations from local locksmith
It is not a difficult task to find a locksmith that works around the clock 24 hours a day. Nonetheless, be aware to ask the locksmith if he arrives in a short period of time even if it is the middle of night. When the locksmith arrives at your home, you should expect to find a professional locksmith that is savvy with the work in question.

Expect and ask that your locksmith has a certified diploma because not every one knows how to do locksmith work, and might cause damage without the correct knowledge. Furthermore, since the local locksmith is performing delicate work on your home, you would like to be sure that the locksmith can be trusted which only a certification can prove.

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Why Should You Change Locks When Moving to a New Place?

Moving can be a stressful event. There are so many things to get done, and many others to consider. One major point to avoid overlooking is the current locks on the building or home. As a new owner or lessee, it is important to change the locks.

Previous residents may have several copies of keys that can allow access to your home. Despite the fact that all keys are to be surrendered upon final sale, many people still have keys to their former dwellings. Not only does this cause a safety issue for the new residents, but it can also be a cause of insurance problems in the future.

Homes are often broken into by people who knew the previous owners. This is why it is very important to take the time to change the locks upon moving in. It should be one of the first things you do. As an added security, install a deadbolt lock if there isn’t one already there.

When changing locks, be sure to change locks on every enterance to the home. Do not forget basements and side doors that are not used often. These are usually the points of entry when being robbed.

Changing the locks when you move into a new place will provide you with security from the possibility that there are keys floating around out there. Put your mind to ease by changing the locks to protect your family and your assets.

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