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Rekeying is the process of changing the pins inside of a lock cylinder so that it fits the new key and rejects the former. Sometimes, rekeying is the preferred method to change lock cylinder since it provides nearly the same security level as a new lock.

Additionally, it doesn’t require any new parts and is thus much cheaper than a lock change. And an easy service for a lock and key professional to handle, such as a locksmith.

We thoroughly train our locksmiths on all the latest locking systems in order to serve you better than anyone else. We also make sure to send you a technician with many years of experience in rekeying practices so that they will get the work done in a matter of minutes as soon as they come on the scene. Here are some times when rekeying would benefit you the most.

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When to Change Lock Cylinder

When you can't find your key and believe that it's fallen in the wrong hands

There is an attempted theft and the locks appear to have been compromised

When a tenant leaves the building and you want to ensure they can't gain access with their current keys.

When an employee vacates the office and you want to restrict their access.

If you change your keys frequently.

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Save Money and Time

Indeed, rekeying will save you a ton of money and still let you enjoy the same levels of security at your home. In fact, it’s only a quarter of the cost of a new deadbolt or padlock for standard rekeying service. Don’t just go with any locksmith off the street; consider a professional like Locksmith West Los Angeles who will tell you straight up what’s wrong with your lock and then figure out a solution on the spot without you having to call other locksmiths for a second opinion.

Unbeatable Prices

We provide rekeying services day and night at prices that don’t break the bank. And we get the work done faster than the competition every time. What’s more, we offer the change lock cylinder service for every sector that needs them including residential, commercial, automotive and emergency. Give us a call today at (424) 251-9622 and become a part of our devoted clientele in West Los Angeles.