Is an Alarm System Enough?

When it comes to your personal property and the safety of your family, you spare no expense. Of course you will want to add an alarm system to your home, but is that enough? You may be surprised at the answer.

Many police departments report that a large majority of home alarm calls are nothing more than false alarms, which has led to home alarm calls to become a lower priority in most neighborhoods. In 2001, the Seattle police department estimated that it answered nearly 80 false alarms during the course of a day due to malfunction, user error or misuse. In some larger cities there are reports of the average response time from the police department being 30 minutes or more for unverified alarm calls. A lot of things can happen in 30 minutes, things that can be avoided.

A well secured home with sturdy locks and other devices can mean all the difference when it comes to someone breaking into your home. The typical burglar is not looking for a challenge, that is the stuff of movies and romantic fiction. A burglar is a criminal looking for an easy in and out. Often times, if the first couple attempts to enter the house are unsuccessful, the burglar will leave. The more time he stands outside your home trying to gain access, the more likely he is to attract unwanted attention. Simply put, the longer you can keep them outside, the less likely they are going to make it inside.

What if someone is home at the time of the attempted break in? A strong door or window with the proper locks can give you important time to react. The time it takes an intruder to get into a well secured home can give you the time you need to call law enforcement.

An alarm system can be a useful and important part of the security of every home, but why stop there? Would you not use a seatbelt just because you have an airbag? The alarm system should be your last line of defense. Nothing can substitute for properly securing all the doors and windows of your house. Be sure to buy and properly install high security locks on all entry points of your house to ensure the safety of your property and loved ones.