The Different Types Of Locks:

You may only be familiar with the traditional door lock, however there are many different types of locks that are intended for different types of things.

Locksmith West Los Angeles
Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locks can specialize in many different things such as safes and even garages. These locks are different in nature but deliver the same result.

And this article, we will take a look at these types of locks, so that you can see to some extent the diversity in the locksmith industry. With this understanding you can make a better decision regarding what you need in your situation.

Mechanical Versus Electromechanical.

The umbrella categories for locks are mechanical and electromechanical. Every physical lock which is in existence these days fits into one of these two categories.

A mechanical lock is one that only consists of its physical properties and requires no electricity to work. These locks can only be opened physically, the pattern encoded inside must physically be worked by a secondary device or key, to allow access.

Anyone who does not have the secondary item will be unable to open whatever the lock is protecting.

Electromechanical locks on the other hand, require electricity in order to provide protection for what is on the other side of the door. Whilst a key is still required, the method by which the unlocking process takes place is electronic. So a physical key no longer becomes enough, this makes it harder for unwanted entry.

Many commercial buildings and big business prefer electrical locks, they can be monitored and kept track of. Electric locks have useful perks for business, while physical mechanical locks are preferred for the common household or small business, because of their affordability convenience, and great security.



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