Master systems

Master Systems

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A master system allows multiple locks to be attuned to one key. This key would be the master key, given to the owner of all these properties or locks. This method of security management is very convenient in today’s business because many businesses hold different offices or rooms with much valuable merchandise, holding a key for every single one of these factions can be trivial and cause things to get lost. Today’s master systems are much more complex than older systems using “skeleton keys” for example.

The master key is usually kept by only one person since it is capable of unlocking quite a few doors. A simple master key system would involve multiple locks that were keyed both individually and separately. In this case, but there are some exceptions, such as maintenance crews at apartment complexes where there may be a few keys in select, responsible hands that can open all of the doors. These keys are designed so that, although the master key will work everywhere, a key that was made only for one door will only open that door, and none of the others.

A more complex setup would involve a three tiered system, where there was one key (or set of keys) that could open all the doors, another that could open a select set of doors, such as a certain building, and then individual keys to open the doors individually as well. This is a very ideal method of security because often businesses with big buildings contain many locks, it can be tricky to account for each and every one. Master systems provide convenience when dealing with the security of many locks at once.

It is important to be clear with what keys will be working for which locks when creating so many and making them accessible to more than one lock. There is much room for error, leave It to the pros to get it done correctly and effectively. Call us today.

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