Master Key

Have you ever wondered how someone is able to open multiple locks with just one key? Sometimes when you or a friend are looking for a

Locksmith West Los Angeles

Locksmith West Los Angeles

key for your apartment in your apartment building for example, a key specific to your door, the property owner can just help themselves in with one key that works for all? This takes a specific type of key.

This type of thing is called a master key – and it is usually used in a situation where a number of different locks require different keys, but individual keys for each and every lock can be a hassle, so we create the locks specifically to open for their specified key, but always this one as well.

With a master key, the owner is able to distribute specific keys to specific people so that they are able to access particular areas of the property, or specific features or facilities under which they are authorized to use, but still be able to open each and every lock with his/her master key. This is ideal for business everywhere, with so many buildings, rooms, locations within your business, having a key for every specific lock would be massively inconvenient and leave much room for confusion, and a loss of keys. Master keys reduce the amount of keys used, and deliver the exact same result, in a more convenient way.

How It Works.

But how is this possible, considering that each of the locks require a specific key to open it. The answer is not to key in itself, but instead the way that the lock is made. Despite what most people think, a lock actually has two ways of being opened. The specific key is only one of these ways.

If you need another level of key security, there is even such a thing as a grand master key, which is used in locks which have three possible ways of being opened. Some companies have many levels of employers that need to have access to the same things and more, in this case grand master keys provide another level of access. There are grand master keys, master keys, and change keys.

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